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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

Academy Track-Site Visits

Curriculum Writing/Virtual Learning Track:1 Franklin Street, Hampton, VA

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Take a tour through our Academies of Hampton.

The Academies of Hampton provides students with a clear path for graduation and a smooth transition from high school to a postsecondary college or a career field. Students become part of a learning community, completing courses together with students who share similar interest and desire to learn about a specific career field. Each academy provides a highly personalized small learning community, where students learn Academy-driven English, science, math, social studies, while meeting all graduation requirements. The Academies also offer advanced placement courses, dual enrollment courses, and industry certification exams to help students gain college credits and required credentials prior to high school graduation.

Academy teachers have an advanced understanding or expertise in their Academy-focused courses, offering students special activities and events that provide greater awareness of the careers and job opportunities available after graduation. Potential employers share their knowledge and experience through classroom presentations, worksite visits, job shadowing, and internships, while advisors and business mentors introduce students to careers, opportunities, and industry skills through relevant, hands-on learning experiences with real-world applications.


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Colorful Notebooks


Are you concerned that your district's curriculum isn't keeping students' attention? Would you like to learn how to revamp your curriculum?

Join us for our Curriculum Writing Academy where we will show you how to lead others in rewriting curriculum designed to engage students and meet state standards. 


Attendees will come away with a teamplete for a ready-to-use Curriculum Writing Academy that they can use in their own district.


We've started a Virtual Learning Revolution! Our FLEx Program, (Future Learning Experience) has evolved the world of vitual learning by incorporating highly engaging live virtual lessons and asynchronous/independent activities that make learning exciting every day. 

Experience an immersive adventure that incorporates weekly content and character-building skills through real life scenarios. Fumble through escape rooms, puzzle quests and role playing story lines which have our students excited for each new twist and educational turn along the way.


You will also be able to talk to our virtual learning teachers to see how they make each day a learning adventure for students.

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