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At-Home Time Code In-A-Box Experience

Can't make the Hampton City Schools March 24 Friday evening Gala but still want to support innovative teaching and learning for our students...and have fun in the process?

We got you! Click the link below and order your Time Code Virtual Experience In-A-Box. Your $25 donation means that the week of March 24, we'll mail you links to the Time Code videos (starring our own HCS students!), hard copies of all the evidence documents, and the instructions for how to set up the game for maximum fun in your own living room.

All proceeds support the Hampton City Schools Future Learning Experience (FLEx) program and the Academies of Hampton. They allow us to have extracurricular opportunities for our students, send students more learning materials (think Unifix cubes, art supplies, etc.), and create innovative curriculum that invigorates learning for students AND teachers.

Click the Order Now button to reserve your copy.

Scroll down to read more about the Time Code and see what it's all about.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lockett

It's the year 2075, and scientists have access to the Janus Orb, a machine that makes time travel to the past a reality. The governments of the world have united to develop processes that ensure safety of all involved. At least, that’s what they thought—until the code that powers the machine was illegally downloaded by an anonymous party with unknown motives. If used irresponsibly, the Janus Orb has the potential to wreak catastrophe on all of Time. 

We've narrowed it down to four suspects, who work together as Chronotrekkers--the elite squad of time science historians  tasked with traveling back to the past.


Your mission is to figure out who has the Time Code--before Time itself unravels.

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